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Solutions for Every Stage of Your Practice

Join tens of thousands of providers who trust the success of their organizations to our ONC-certified EHR and award-winning service.

Clinical EHR

Clinical only for smaller practices


Clinical is our EHR solution typically used by sole providers or smaller practices and includes our powerful clinical charting and scheduling modules, everything you need to manage clients and stay compliant with EHR requirements.

Practice Management

Flagship enterprise software system

SIZE RANGE: 5-700+

Enterprise is our flagship practice management system designed for mental, behavioral and chemical health providers with internal billing. With best-in-class features and honest pricing, Enterprise offers the best value in the industry.

Billing Service

Professional billing service powered by Procentive


BillCare is our worry-free billing service that combines our professional billing with Procentive’s EHR software.

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Solutions for Everyone You Serve

Complete clarity on your business. Anywhere, anytime.

When it comes to nurturing and growing your business, knowledge is power. Procentive puts it at your fingertips.

We unite your front office, clinical and financial operations on a single screen. With full access to your clinic’s information—in a nearly endless selection of reports, you’ll have up to the minute information and Procentive’s insights and support to help you achieve your goals.


Faster, better electronic documentation.

Integrated electronic health records means your client records are always complete and available. 

Information you enter during an assessment or for a treatment plan, for example, flows to the entire record, making simple two-click billing a reality. Log in to the secure, web-based system anywhere you have Internet access.


Strengthen patient engagement with integrated outcomes assessments.

HDI Connect™ is a powerful tool that reveals a complete picture of your patient’s current health and well-being.

Fully integrated within Procentive, HDI Connect™ is a standardized, client-friendly assessment that helps clinicians and clinics increase client engagement, evaluate current treatments and identify emergent symptoms or risks that may warrant additional clinical care.


Better control than ever.

Procentive gives you fast and flexible control over operations, simplifying your life and improving performance. 

From staff credentialing and productivity, to scheduling and appointments, Procentive lets you track every aspect of operations. Your front office staff will be more efficient. Your clinical staff will manage their time better, and your billers will capture and post charges more efficiently.


Accurate billing, simplified.

Procentive’s practice management software has a profound effect on your cash flow, profitability and acceptance rates. 

Our fully integrated billing engine is so simple that many outpatient users bill every day. Procentive tracks all the elements needed to create a bill and protects you from billing for undocumented services. As a receivables management tool, you can quickly reconcile payments, consult aging reports, and re-bill with a few clicks.


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