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Offer convenient, secure web access to your clients

With Procentive’s client portal, your clients and their designated representatives can login to a secure portal to schedule appointments and view pertinent information. Customize your agency’s portal with your logo and matching colors.


View care team info
View past and future appointments
Request or schedule a new appointment
Cancel an appointment
View clinical documents (can be limited)
Securely send messages between staff and client
View and download monthly statements
View current medications, labs, and billed procedure codes


Automatically connect case notes, treatment plans, & progress notes to billing with clinical data flows

With Procentive’s EHR solutions, access to your client records is quick and easy. Your electronic chart is as easy to use as paper records, with some big differences: they’re always available and always complete.

Client data flows from assessment to treatment plan to progress notes automatically saving you valuable time. And while you are completing your notes, Procentive is creating a clean bill in the background, helping you increase collections.


Complete demographic information
Recent sessions
Notifications and warnings
Automatic reminders 
Advance search capability
Electronic prescriptions, with digital signatures
Fax into and out of the system
Document management
Anytime, anywhere access to patient history
Quickly document and track assessments
Electronically plan, document and track treatments
Easily manage medication
Electronically sign and authorize documents
Automatically track and manage client authorizations


Eliminate errors with point-and-click scheduling and demographics

Procentive’s EHR solutions make scheduling simple. Customizable views, color coding, and alerts help eliminate errors in central scheduling. Procentive can also decentralize scheduling by enabling staff to manage their own calendars and appointments.


Group staff by program, specialty, or any other criteria
View by day, week, month or team
Set time increments from 5 to 60 minutes
Define “availability blocks” and appointment type
Track appointment status
Verify billing status
Schedule for “first available” by a number of variables
Set automatic notifications
Scan, save and associate documents
Store patient information and demographics
Field incoming calls smoothly
Track tasks and create automatic reminders
Schedule conflict-free appointments
Simplify system administration
Easily manage documents


Improve your cashflow and submit clean claims every time

Procentive’s practice management solutions give you better control over cash flow with real-time tracing of AR. Your bills are compiled automatically as your clinic documents encounters. You’ll never bill for a service that was not performed and you’ll never omit legitimate charges. It even checks for payers, eligibility, authorizations and errors, so you don’t have to.


Create and report against budget forecasts
Enter, track, and report payments from all types of funding sources
Track billable and non-billable services
Create HIPAA compliant transactions
Receive electronic remittances
2-click billing
Improve cash flow
Medicaid and Medicare
Third party payers
Fee for service
CMS 1500 and UB04
Automatic scrubbing
Posting payments, credits, refunds
Aging receivables and collections
Robust search
One click reporting


Ensure compliance and improve process efficiency

Procentive’s practice management solutions easy to use workflow engine makes every task that depends on exchanging information simpler, and ensures it gets done, which is often the difference between being in and out of compliance. It eliminates miscommunications and sends alerts to remind your people when work items are outstanding.


Create custom alerts and automated reminders
Tie tasks to other records in the system
Track work progress and history across multiple staff
Dozens of triggering events that create tasks and deliver notifications
Organize processes by status, priority, and phase
Automatic transition between staff and phase


Easily track clinical, financial and management metrics with robust reporting

Procentive’s practice management solutions offer more than 120 standard reports, and producing custom clinical, fiscal and management reports is a matter of just a few clicks. You will be able to view, filter, sort and track data far more effectively, and your report documentation will be uniform and professional.

Procentive reports include caseload reports, timesheet reports, state/county regulatory or compliance reports.


Clients reports
Staff reports
Utilization/productivity reports
Diagnosis reports
Claims reports
Accounts receivable reports
Allocation of payments reports
Forecasted and actual results reports

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