Save Time. Create Efficient Processes.

Lab Integrations provides you with automatic lab processing and even checks for errors to reduce bottlenecks in lab orders and results.  Stop wasting time tracking down lost data and spend more time focusing on clients. Contact us today to set up Lab Integrations for you!


Integrated Orders

Place an order for labs directly within a client’s record in the Clients Module. No separate software required!

Efficient Shipment

Lab Integrations formats order labels from the information you’ve entered. Quickly print labels and attach them to the samples to send out to your lab.

Immediate Results

When your lab orders are ready, the results will automatically update in the client’s record in Procentive!

Visible Precision

Mismatched client info between your agency and the lab? Lab Integrations tracks these exceptions and generates a report in your Messaging Module. Easily review the report so either you or the lab company can fix the error.

Lab Integrations:
Efficient Support… Right Where You Work

No need to hop between software systems or websites!
Use this efficient lab processing feature directly within your Procentive EHR.

Upgrade with Lab Integrations

Your Customer Success Manager is ready to assist you in adding this feature to your software experience.
Contact us today to implement Lab Integrations for you!