Procentive EHR Customer Service Award

Procentive’s Customer Service is Award-winning!

LiveHelpNow has announced that Procentive has made The LiveHelpNow Challenge list of top companies providing exceptional customer service for the month of June–measured by LiveHelpNow’s customer service metric score. Out of 10,000 companies considered in the challenge metrics, Procentive’s service was exceptional!

Why We Started Chat

A quick insight into Procentive’s exceptional customer service from the Director of Service and Support, Kevin Holmes:

“We started Chat because we sensed that, for a variety of reasons, customers have questions they aren’t always asking us. We wanted to make it easier for them to ask for help, and the “real time” capabilities of Chat seemed like a great way to accomplish this.”

“Chat is a natural complement to our existing support features like Ticketing and the Emergency Hotline. Ticketing is great for the more complicated issues that require a lot of research or the help of multiple resources to resolve. The Emergency Hotline is great for emergencies. But Chat is entirely different. It offers a fast and easy way for customers to get quick answers to quick questions. Right at the moment they need us, our customers can click the Chat button, and (in less than 20 seconds) they can be working one-on-one with one of our support specialists. In some cases, customers can get their question answered in less than a minute!”

“One powerful feature is that Chat includes our new Knowledgebase where customers can find answers to our most common questions:

Did a staff member forget their password?
The Knowledgebase has an article on how to fix this.

Did one of your claims get a strange rejection in the Electronic Module?
The Knowledgebase has answers for these, too!

So the great thing about the new Chat tool is that if you cannot find the answer you need in one Knowledgebase articles, then one of our customer service specialists is waiting to give you the answer you need… when you need it!”

To Learn More

To learn more about Chat, please submit a Help Ticket to our Support Desk.