Featured Artwork: Untitled by Matt LaCombe


“Untitled” by Matt LaCombe


Matt LaCombe is a 3D and collage artist. His motto: “If I could turn back time.” He likes to work with entwined images as we rarely see them. Collecting found objects for his art is the main part of his artistic process. Often he doesn’t know what he is going to create until he finds the object that speaks to him.



Spectrum Artworks

Spectrum ArtWorks is a non-profit visual art program in the heart of Minneapolis that provides studio space and community for artists living with a mental illness.  In addition to producing amazing art Spectrum ArtWorks Artists work to educate the public and break down stigma. Spectrum ArtWorks is a program of RESOURCE.

For More Information

For further information or to request a tour, please contact:

Jes Reyes, MA
Arts Specialist
RESOURCE Chemical and Mental Health